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SVS Counter Measures Training
SVS Counter Measures Training

X-Ray Lead Sheet Test (Blocking Threats Test Object)

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The SVS Lead Sheet is designed to allow you to train you x-ray operators on how lead can be used to hide or mask a threat object in a bag or package. The sheet has a side "A" and a side "B" that have a different thickness and will show the different levels lead can mask a potential threat item.

X-ray systems today have the ability to automatically detect any areas that have a high density (high density alert) and this is adjustable based on your facilities requirements. X-Rays also can have a built in "X-Rays being blocked" automatic alarm. Both of these auto detection features can be tested and or set based on how you want the lead sheet to respond in your system.

The sheet is also perfect for penetration testing by trying to mask a threat object with the sheet. . The sheet is encased in a resin so you staff cannot come into contact with the lead so it is perfectly safe to use.

This sheet was developed by SVS staff and can only be purchased from SVS.

On the fence about this X-Ray Lead Sheet Test (Blocking Threats Test Object)? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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