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SVS Counter Measures Training
SVS Counter Measures Training

Improvised Explosive Device IED Circuit Builder Kit

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The Master IED Builder Training kit is a complete set of IED components that allows you to build many different combinations of electrical or nonelectrical firing circuits. The kit comes with advanced type RCIED systems to include RF and DTMF programmable circuits and also low-tech configurations like clothespins and mouse traps. The kit has over 70 different items for a total of over 640 individual pieces. The number of parts will allow you to conduct IED training scenarios for an entire year (or more). The kit also includes inert simulated main charges from pipe bombs, pressure cookers, and explosives like C-4, Semtex, and TATP. This kit is a one a kind training kit for IED builds and render safe training.

The kit has an optional hard case (QTY 2 cases) with wheels: $500.00 total

This kit will only be sold to Bomb Technicians or Agencies that have a counter IED mission and you must be verified before we will complete the sale. US Customers only and any purchase not meeting these requirements will be canceled.

On the fence about this Improvised Explosive Device IED Circuit Builder Kit? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 30, 2022