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INERT Explosive Threat Training kit is the most comprehensive explosive training kit in the market. All of the simulants and inert and contain not hazardous materials. Each INERT sample is visually and x-ray accurate and will respond in your x-ray system just like the real explosive. The kit Includes the following 37 commercial and homemade x-ray and visually correct stimulants. 

  1. Armstrong Mix

  2. Calcium Nitrate w/fuel
  3. C-4
  4. ANFO
  5. RDX
  6. Picric Acid
  7. TATP
  8. Flake TNT
  9. Smokeless Powder 
  10. Dynamite Dinabol 80%
  11. Dynamite Dino Nobel Z-Powder 
  12. TNT cast accurate 
  13. Emulsion Emulex 
  14. PETN 
  15. Potassium nitrate 
  16. AN/AL80/20
  17. Ammonium nitrate
  18. Black powder 
  19. Potassium chlorate 
  20. Semtex H
  21. Nitro cellulose 
  22. AN/AL 90/10
  23. HMTD
  24. CAN/AL
  25. Semtex 10
  26. Time fuze
  27. Semtex 1A
  28. Sheet Explosive
  29. UREA/Fuel
  30. Urea nitrate 
  31. Hobby/ cannon fuze 
  32. Potassium Chlorate/Sugar
  33. Potassium per chlorate 
  34. Poor mans C-4 
  35. MEKP liquid explosive 
  36. EDGM liquid explosive 
  37. Nitro methane liquid explosive 
    Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the INERT EXPLOSIVE THREAT TRAINING KIT is for you.

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