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Inert Drone IED for training Counter IED professionals. This product will only be sold to:

1. Active Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal units

2. Law Enforcement Boab Squads

3. Government Agencies with a counter-IED mission 

Five Different Models and all of them still fly and the INERT IED circuit is technically accurate. The INERT IED also includes an x-ray correct explosive simulant. Please note that even though these systems can still fly we purposely used a small drone and you will not be able to fly long distances with the Inert IED attached. These inert devices are for training purposes only.


1. A: Working Drone with Drop Capable INERT Law Dart IED nose impact switch

2. B: Working Drone with Drop Capable  INERT 40mm grenade

3. C: Working Drone with INERT  DET Cord and ball bearings inside drone and external RF switch

4. D: Working Drone with INERT IED package attached to Drone Frame with RF switch

5. E: Non-working drone with INERT C4 packed inside with internal RF firing switch

You MUST provide a GOV e-mail and contact or your order will be canceled. 


The INERT Drone IED is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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