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Inert Chemical IED Training Kit

Inert Chemical IED Training Kit

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The Inert Chemical IED Training Kit with x-ray accurate INERT simulated chemicals and IED circuit components. The kit contains 8 different chemical IEDs:

1. Chemical RCIED (cell phone)

2. Mini Blue Tooth Speaker Chemical IED victim-activated

3. Anti-movement (vibration) activated Chemical IED

4. Mubtakkar Chemical IED

5. RF wireless doorbell trigger chemical IED

6. Victim-activated mercury switch Chemical IED

7. PIR Chemical IED

8. Photocell Chemical IED

This kit is designed for RSP and Scenario-based training for responding to a Chemical IED Threat. We will only sell this kit for Government agencies with a counter IED mission. The circuits are technically correct but do not work by design. We can make them fully functional with speaker wire hookups for a penalty or verify that RSP attacks were successful.

    Life is too short to live without the Inert Chemical IED Training Kit. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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