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Inert IED Circuit Training Kit

Inert IED Circuit Training Kit

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The SVS IED Circuit Training Kit has 22 different INERT IED devices that all have a different:

a. Firing Circuit

b. X-ray Correct Explosive

c. X-Ray Correct Detonator

d. Power Source/Battery

e. Safe and Arming Switch

The kit is designed to train security staff on the different types of IEDS being used by terrorist and covers all of the different explosives, detonators and IED Circuit components. Each INERT IED is a working circuit and will demonstrate how the device is triggered by activating a LED in the initiator in the inert Detonator. The students will get to see all of the different power sources, switches, triggers, explosives and detonators that can be used in a IED threat.

All of the INERT IED circuits are x-ray and metal detector correct and will respond in x-ray just like the real threat will. The inert IEDS are mounted to a thin plastic sheet that will not affect how the explosive will be measured by systems that can automatically detect explosives. 

The kit comes with the following inert IED training aids:

Item # Description QTY
1 INERT Mouse Trap IED with Semtex 1A 1
2 INERT Mercury Switch IED with Metal Pipe Bomb 1
3 INERT Wire loop Switch IED with Black Powder PVC Pipe Bomb 1
4 INERT Vibration Alarm IED with Copper Pipe Bomb 1
5 INERT Photocell IED with AN/AL HME  1
6 INERT Mechanical kitchen timer IED with CO2 cart w/nails 1
7 INERT Improvised Ball tilt IED with TATP 1
8 INERT PIR motion sensor IED with Semtex 10 1
9 INERT Radio Frequency IED single Channel transmitter key Fob W/ Semtex 10 1
10 INERT Cloths Pin IED with Smokeless Powder PVC Pipe Bomb 1
11 INERT Micro Switch IED with ANFO 1
12 INERT Fireworks Electrical initiator IED with PETN and Glass Frag 1
13 INERT Digital Timer IED with Poor Mans C-4 1
14 INERT Wireless Doorbell IED with RDX and nails 1
15 INERT Improvised Pressure Switch IED with CAST Booster 1
16 INERT Commercial motion activated ball tilt IED with Metal Pipe Bomb 1
17 INERT RCIED Cell Phone IED with Plastic Explosive 1
18 INERT Mechanical wind-up clock IED with AN/AL 90/10 1
19 INERT Magnetic Reed Switch IED with CAST Booster 1
20 INERT Pull Ignitor Non-Electric IED with Semtex H and Det Cord 1
21 INERT Motorcycle alarm IED with sheet Explosive and Frag 1
22 INERT Washing Machine Timer IED with C-4 1
23 INERT Power Source and Detonator Display Board 1
24 INERT IED Circuit Components Display Board 1
25 INERT Explosive Sample jar TATP 1
26 INERT Explosive Sample Jar Armstrong Mix 1
27 INERT Explosive Sample Jar Picric Acid 1
28 Hard Case with Custom Inserts 1


This kit will only be sold to agencies that have a counter IED mission. Shipment outside of the USA must be coordinated with your country's customs or via U.S. Embassy.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Inert IED Circuit Training Kit is for you.

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