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EOD X-ray CR Mosaic Imaging Kit
EOD X-ray CR Mosaic Imaging Kit

EOD X-ray CR Mosaic Imaging Kit

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The SVS EOD X-ray CR Mosaic Imaging Kit is designed to allow you set up mosaic shots with flexible CR plates used with systems like:

1. ScanX Scout

2. Durr CR 35

3. GE CR50

The kit allows you to set up from 2 to 9 imaging plates (14" x 17") for a large mosaic shot. The kit comes with all of the mounting tools for any surface so you can rig the imaging plates into position. The kit is lightweight and can be set up in seconds and uses your systems own imaging plates. Unlike the Flex-ray cassette kit which is bulky, heavy, and very hard to handle down range the SVS EOD X-ray CR Mosaic Imaging Kit is quick and easy to use and at a cost that will not break the bank. You can mount the system easily to any item like (Cars, trucks, boats, walls, large dumpsters, etc.) with the kits many options that allow you to attach and rig the plates into place quickly and efficiently. The system also ensures that when the panels are placed there are no gaps in the image. This ensures that your auto stitching software works correctly as gaps can cause the image not to auto stitch.

This system does not come with the CR plates as you will use your own plates that you have with your current system . If you need more CR plates contact your systems manufacture or contact us. We can get you 100 micron 14 X 17 plates for a price that will probably be lower then your systems manufacture.  Remember CR plates starts degrading after about 1000 scans so they do need to be replaced over time.

We can also provide you new plates to add to the kit vs using the plates you currently have with your unit. The plates are 100 micron and come in 14 X 17 (35 x 43) size.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the EOD X-ray CR Mosaic Imaging Kit is for you.

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