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Advanced WTMD Testing Kit
Advanced WTMD Testing Kit

Advanced WTMD Testing Kit

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Advanced WTMD Testing Kit: The most comprehensive WTMD testing and training kit available on the market. Real threats that provide very realistic training and testing capabilities.

Kit contains the following test objects:

  1. All metal watch
  2. leather band watch,
  3. glasses metal frames,
  4. car keys with FOB,
  5. Belt buckle,
  6. .25 cal semi-automatic pistol with inert bullets,
  7. mace
  8. taser,
  9. cuff key,
  10. razor blade,
  11. credit card knife,
  12. electrical detonator,
  13. AAA battery holder x 1,
  14. AAA battery holder x2,
  15. AA battery holder x 2,
  16. 9-volt battery with connector,
  17. large toggle switch,
  18. 2 in low metallic pocket knife,
  19. 2.5 in low metallic pocket knife,
  20. 2.65 in med metallic pocket knife,
  21. 2.75 in high metallic pocket knife,
  22. ice pick,
  23. ECAC knife standard ferrous,
  24. ECAC knife standard nonferrous,
  25. steak knife,
  26. ceramic knife,
  27. box cutter a,
  28. box cutter B
The Advanced WTMD Testing Kit was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 09, 2022