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Advanced Mail Threat Training Kit
Advanced Mail Threat Training Kit

Advanced Mail Threat Training Kit

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Advanced Mail Threat Training kit 

This kit is x-ray correct and will provide very realistic training to your mailroom staff on detecting mail threats. The kit has all of the different types of mail threats that have been used in actual incidents. Comes in a hard case with custom foam inserts.

Advanced Mail Threat Training Kit
Item # Description QTY
1 Musical Greeting card Normal 1
2 Musical Greeting Card IED 1
3 White powder small envelope leaking 1
4 White powder small envelope organic 1
5 White powder small envelope nonorganic 1
6 Small envelope normal (reference) 1
7 Large legal envelope external indicators 1
8 Padded envelope Anti opening Mag reed switch IED 1
9 Brown mailer IED gun powder e-match 1
10 Metal pipe Bomb mouse trap Box IED 1
11 2 in mail tube an/al photocell 1
12 1.5 in mail tube IED  1
13 Lead sheet IED CO2 carts 1
14 Microswitch IED Box PVC Pipe 1
15 Chemical Mail IED clothes pin 1
16 Razor Blade Letter 1
17 Custom Case with Foam 1
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