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Advanced EOD Electronics Training Course

Advanced EOD Electronics Training Course

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 Advanced EOD Electronics Training Course

Length of Course: 5 days 40 hours

Max number of Students: 10-12

EOD Certified and assigned to an Active EOD Unit

Advanced IED Electronics Course is intended by design to be light on theory with an emphasis on hands-on practical exercises to familiarize the Participant with the subject of electronics as it relates to the design, construction, and exploitation of the IED.

Students will learn the types of components found in IED circuits. These are the kinds of circuits that make up switching components in RCIEDs, VOIEDs, Firing, and Safe Arming devices. Participants will learn the basics of electronics, IED construction, soldering, and modifying off-the-shelf items to function in an IED, transistors, MOSFET, SCR, and integrated circuits. The course will also cover DTMF and its use in RCIED construction. 

Students will be provided with everything they need for the course to include tools. The kits provided to each student will get to keep. The course can be run at your unit or at one of our training facilities in the USA or Canada.

Enabling Learning Objectives (ELOs):

ELO #1: Electrical Theory & Physics w/ Counter IED (C-IED) Applicability (Ohm’s Law/Kirchhoff’s Laws)

ELO #2: IED Electronic Components

ELO #3: Basic & Complex IED Circuits

ELO #4: Resistor-Capacitor Timing Circuits

ELO #5: RC/RF IED Circuits

ELO #6: Circuit Construction, Soldering, Breadboard Prototyping, and Etching

ELO #7: Circuit Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

ELO #8: Electro-Mechanical Devices

ELO #9: DC Relays & Collapsing Circuits

ELO #10: Individual IED Component Diagnostics (Detonator/Switch/Solenoid Diagnostics)

ELO #11: (TTP) Circuit defeat/attack Development via Practical Exercises

Note: The course cost does not include instructor travel

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