Women and Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

SVS Team

SVS Countermeasures was originally created by Former Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal (GS15) and CEO Judith Gallagher-Howell in 2018. The company started operations focusing on security consulting and threat detection training. We then expanded into the manufacture of x-ray correct training kits and devices for both checkpoint security and military EOD.  SVS provides consulting, training, and kits to a wide range of customers all over the world. 

SVS has pulled together a team of security professionals that are experts in their fields and have years of real-world experience at the operational level. The team members ran national and international security programs and have been on the front line dealing with high level threats and incidents. You will not find a more experienced team of professionals in the world.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Judith Howell

Director of Law Enforcement Training: Ken Roberts

Director of Counter IED Training: Ken Jaeger

Director Counter IED Technologies and Equipment: John Howell

Instructor Cadre:

Rick Long (Lead Training Instructor)

Jeff Larson (Law Enforcement Training Instructor)

Richard Marsh (Law Enforcement Training Instructor)

Bill Bulter (Law Enforcement Training Instructor)

SVS is the world leader at threat detection training and training equipment. We provide training and equipment services to EOD/Bomb Squads, LEO's, security officers, and cooperate security teams. Whatever your needs, we have the experience to provide your team with a customized solution. 

Train with the BEST, Train with SVS!