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X-Ray Pre Employment (PRE-M) Test

X-Ray Pre Employment (PRE-M) Test

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PRE-M ensures organizations recruit the correct person from the outset by identifying the candidates that possess the skills, personality, and characteristics needed to become successful x-ray screeners.

Pre-M Tests
Color Identification:
This test assesses whether the candidate has any color recognition
Why? Screeners need to be able to differentiate between orange organic material and blue metallic material whilst analyzing x-ray images.

Basic Image Interpretation
This test assesses the candidate’s ability to identify everyday objects
displayed under x-ray.
Why? Under x-ray, screeners must be able to identify objects based only on their shape and components.

Threat Object Recognition
Tests the candidate’s ability to identify easily recognizable objects placed in a clear, direct view or at an angle within complex bag images.
Why? Screeners must be able to differentiate Guns and Knives from
innocent objects.

Mental Rotation
This test assesses the candidate’s ability to compare 3-dimensional
objects while they are rotated at different angles.
Why? During the screening operation, especially when using multi-view and CT equipment, objects are not always appearing at the best possible viewing angle within a bag. Screeners must be able to mentally rotate items in order to correctly identify them.

Attention to Anomalies
This test assesses the ability to pay attention to small anomalies in x-ray images.
Why? Threats are generally concealed within everyday non-threat items making them extremely difficult to identify.
The only way to detect these threats is often not through identifying
exactly what they are but by spotting a small change to their expected shape or components. For example, a laptop with an organic area and some out-of-place wiring may be a sign that it is concealing an IED.

Object Recognition - Superimposition
This test assesses the identification of suspicious/ restricted objects
obscured by other objects contained within multi-layered bag images.
Why? If a screener is too confident, they may make quick but reckless creating a huge risk for the security operation.
On the other hand, if a screener is not confident enough in their decision-making skills, they may choose to search more bags and slow down the security checkpoint.

Sustained Attention
This test assesses the sustained attention of the participant during a
continuous performance task.
Why? The likelihood that a screener comes into contact with a concealed IED or other high-risk threat is very low. This means a screener must treat each bag that goes through the x-ray
machine with the same high level of attention. Something that after 20 minutes of screening is very hard to maintain.

Visual Closure
This test assesses the ability and speed of the participant in detecting common objects.
Why? If a screener makes quick decisions based on little information, they make mistakes and cause false alarms.
However, a screener who takes too much time to make a decision may slow down the operation to a point where passengers/visitors become frustrated. Pre-M aims to find the candidate that possesses a balance of speed and accuracy.

Personality Test
This test is designed to assess whether the participants’ personality
matches the requirements of the X-ray screening job.
The following personality traits are assessed: Independence, Deliberation, Self-Consciousness, Diligence, Order, Assertiveness, Distrust, Activity Level, and Tolerance for Ambiguity etc.
Why? X-Ray screening is a very monotonous task that is not suited to everyone. Hiring someone that matches the correct personality required to operate in a security checkpoint can avoid hiring a person who will not find the work stimulating enough and leave after a few months.

Pre-M can be calibrated so that it takes into consideration the score of existing employees. This ensures that new candidates will possess at least the same qualifications as your existing workforce.

Pre-M is currently available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, German, Filipino, and Nepali It can be quickly translated into the language of your choice.

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