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Walk Through Metal Detector Test kit Gun Disassembled

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The kit is based on a guns disassembled walk through metal detector (WTMD) standard and uses 2 different weapons that are basically just the frame of the weapon. The idea is that the bag guy has broken them down to try and get them past your checkpoint by reducing the overall amount of metal mass. This standard is a widely used standard for setting WTMD's and provides improved levels of detection for a disassembled gun.

The disassembled guns in the kit are:

1. North American Arms 22 cal pistol (Ferrous)

2. Davis Derringer (Non Ferrous)

Note: This standard is does not provide optimum detection for knifes and edged weapons nor improvised explosive devices with low metal content. 


  • Encapsulated North American Arms .22 cal Long Rifle handgun 
  • Encapsulated Davis D-32 .32 cal handgun 
  • Holder for the ankle position 
  • Form for the periodic Verification of Calibration (VOC) 
  • Instructions for the daily verification of the calibration 
  • Carrying bag
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Inventory Last Updated: Jul 21, 2024