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Security X-Ray Verification Testing Kit
Security X-Ray Verification Testing Kit

Security X-Ray Verification Testing Kit

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The security x-ray verification kit was designed specifically for security x-ray systems and conducting daily verification testing before screening operations. The kit lets you verify that the system is working correctly and that all imaging capabilities are operating within the required ranges. The most important aspect is that once the test is conducted, you have a record that the system was verified as working correctly. If a search requires the individual to be detained or arrested, the daily verification test ensures that your x-ray system operates correctly.

The Security Verification Testing Kit Provides the following tests:

1. ASTM F792 wire step wedge: Verifies that the systems penetration and imaging resolution are operating at known levels

2. Organic, inorganic, and metal color imaging: verify that the ranges for materials discrimination imaging are working correctly.

3. High Destiny Automatic Detection:  Verifies that the unit is set to automatically detect handguns by detecting a piece of 4140 steel (used in slide and gun barrel construction). The test object also verifies the size setting (cm2) is set to a range that can detect small pocket-type pistols.

4. Lead Blocking Test: This test shows that the system can penetrate a blocking material like lead and image a potential threat object behind it. The test uses a lead sheet with a 9-volt battery behind it.

5. Automatic explosive detection: This test verifies that the system is detecting explosives accurately and uses a material that falls into the range where a x-ray should detect explosives. The test also verifies if the system can detect smaller amount of explosives that can be used in mail threats and is not just detecting large amounts of explosives and ignoring smaller lethal explosive threats.


The Security X-Ray Verification Testing Kit is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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