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SVS Counter Measures Training
SVS Counter Measures Training
SVS Counter Measures Training

Penetration Testing Program Training Course

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COURSE: Penetration Testing Program

LENGTH:  8 hours



TLO#1: The students will learn how to set up, manage and oversee a comprehensive penetration testing program


ELO#1: Explain the purpose of a penetration testing program

ELO#2: Detail the requirements to create and maintain a viable penetration testing program

ELO#3: Explain pre-planning, and safety considerations prior to conducting a penetration test

ELO#4: Identify the proper procedures for conducting a penetration test on:

  • X-ray
  • Walk Thru and Hand-held Metal Detector
  • Mail screening

ELO#5: Describe the use of the x-rays Threat Imaging Projection program (TIP)

ELO#6: Explain how to set up a TIP program and track performance

ELO#7: Explain the required reports and data collection for a penetration testing program

ELO#8: Describe the correct type of test objects that can be used to conduct penetration testing.


This course is design to train you staff on how to set up and maintain a comprehensive and viable penetration testing program at your facility. The course will cover all aspects of what is required to create a penetration testing program and more importantly how to do it safely and effectively. Students will learn how to conduct penetration tests and how to track the results from each test to identify lapses in training and procedures. This course is very effective at improving you security forces ability to detect threats and provides you with actual performance measurements that detail how effective your security operations are at detection threats.

Course cost does NOT includes instructor travel and will be quoted separately and is based on GSA per Diem rates.

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Must be familiar with the checkpoint screening equipment

EQUIPMENT: Must have access to facilities screening equipment, SOP, and emergency action plan

TESTING: Written test

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Training for Penetration Testing Program Operations and Management


  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Certified Instructor
  • COR/COTR USMS facility Security maintenance contract
  • S. Marshal (retired) or Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician
  • Completed Inter agency Security Committee (ISC) training and certifications
  • Managed a Penetration Testing Program at a Federal facility
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