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Walk Through Metal Detector Training Kit
Walk Through Metal Detector Training Kit
Walk Through Metal Detector Training Kit

Walk Through Metal Detector Training Kit

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The SVS metal detection training kit is designed to not only provide you a safe way to train metal detection with real threats, but also allow you to calibrate your walk-through metal detector (WTMD) to the actual threats you are trying to detect. The WTMD equipment manufactures will not tell you what a program setting can and cannot detect so you are left guessing as to what your equipment can actually alarm too. With the SVS kit you can verify with real standardized test objects what your system is detecting (or not). The kit allows you to adjust the sensitivity settings to optimize detection for the threats you do not want in your building. It is better to know what your equipment can and cannot detect vs waiting until something gets past the unit and into your facility. 

The kit also comes with very common false alarm causing items that allow you to try and set the unit to discriminate them but still try and detect the threats you do not want coming in. The kit comes with a user-friendly user guide that shows you how to use the kit and also adjust your units' settings. 

The kit can also be used to conduct safe and effective training and testing with your guards. Each test object is encased in a resin shell and color coded based on if it is a threat (red) or no threat (green).

This kit eliminates all of the questions about what your metal detector can or cannot detect and allows you to set them precisely. Do not be fooled by very expensive "Test Objects" sold by the equipment manufactures that only test one category of threat. The SVS kits has all of the categories of threats and is easy to use. Each item in the kit is manufactured precisely the same to ensure it provides very realistic responses in your system.

Kit A comes with the following items:

1. Custom case

2. Operational Test Piece (OTP): Test for small handguns and large knives

3. Small can of mace/pepper spray (INERT)

4. 2.5-inch low metal content pocketknife (Exceeds FED Law allowable size)

5. 1.5-inch low metal content pocketknife

6. Razor blade 

7. Cuff key

8. Belt buckle (false alarm test object)

9. Metal shoe shank (false alarm test object)

10. User's manual/testing guide

11. IED Electrical Circuit

Kit B add:

12. Credit card Knife

13. Glasses

14. Watch

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Inventory Last Updated: Jul 21, 2024