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Mail Screening Operations Training Course
SVS Counter Measures Training
SVS Counter Measures Training
Mail Screening Operations Training Course
SVS Counter Measures Training

Mail Screening Operations Training Course

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COURSE: Advanced Mail Screening Operations Training Course

LENGTH:  8 hours



TLO#1: The student learn how to train and certify screeners on how to become proficient at mail room screening operations to include types of threats associated with mail identifying threats with an x-ray system.


ELO#1: Mail Screening Operations and safe practices

ELO#2: Types of mail threats (IED, Biological, Chemical, Radiological)

ELO#3: Mail threat visual indicators

ELO#4: Mail room x-ray screening procedures

ELO#5: Mail threat x-ray interpretation

ELO#6: Emergency action procedures

ELO#7: Threat image projection and Operator Training Systems


The course is designed to train your mail room staff on the most effective way of securing your premises from postal threats and to ensure that any staff who use X-Ray screening equipment are trained and that their training is up to date. The operators and security staff who attend our courses will gain a clear understanding of how to determine if an item is "Safe or Suspect". They will know what actions and protocols are needed so that the suspect item is dealt with effectively, with minimum impact on your business.

Students will also learn about using Threat Imaging Projection and the x-ray units built in simulator (OTS/OTP). As a manager you will also be able to monitor and review how your staff react to a threat by projecting an image of a threat into an item that is being screened.

The course is a combination of classroom and hands on training and will include practical exercise on the x-ray system. Students will get to see actual simulated mail threat devices from our advanced mail threat x-ray training kit.

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Must be familiar with basic x-ray operation

EQUIPMENT: Must have access to sites x-ray system for hand on and practical exercises

TESTING: Written test and practical exercise using OTS

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Training for Mail Screening Operations


  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Certified Instructor
  • OEM Certified on X-ray (Smiths, Rapiscan, etc.)
  • S. Marshal (retired) or Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician
  • Completed Inter agency Security Committee (ISC) training and certifications

Course cost does NOT includes instructor travel and will be quoted separately and is based on GSA per Diem rates.

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