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Inert Liquid Threat X-Ray test Kit
Inert Liquid Threat X-Ray test Kit

Inert Liquid Threat X-Ray test Kit

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Inert Liquid Threat X-Ray test Kit 

This kit allows you to train and test for the detection of liquid-type threats. The kit has all of the different items that could be used as a potential threat concealed in a liquid container. All of the sites are inert and safe to use for training and testing and will respond in your screening systems just like the real threats. The kit has 24 different training items in the kit that cover:

  1.  Flammable liquid detection
  2. Liquid explosive detection
  3. Liquid container hides
  4. IED Components and edged weapon threat for the hides
  5. Non-threat examples for comparison
Liquid Threat Training Kit
# Description QTY
1 Custom Case With Foam 1
2 Soda Can Hide 1
3 Soda Can Hide IED INERT 1
4 Plastic Baby Bottle Normal 1
5 Plastic Baby Bottle with INERT EDGN Explosive 1
6 Coke normal 1
7 Coke with INERT Liquid Explosive 1
8 Coffee Mug INERT IED 1
9 Dasani water bottle Normal 1
10 Dasani Hide 1
11 Dasani Flammable  1
12 Hand sanitizer Normal  1
13 hand sanitizer Flammable  1
14 Glass Baby Bottle Normal  1
15 Glass Baby bottle INERT IED 1
16 Small Knife 1
17 INERT IED Suicide circuit 1
18 INERT Commercial Detonator aluminum 1
19 9 volt Battery with connector 1
20 INERT Improvised Copper detonator 1
21 INERT Non-Electrical with cardboard det 1
22 2 AAA battery with holder 1
23 Inert E-Match 1


The Inert Liquid Threat X-Ray test Kit is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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