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IGEN Portable X-Ray Generator
IGEN Portable X-Ray Generator
IGEN Portable X-Ray Generator
IGEN Portable X-Ray Generator

IGEN Portable X-Ray Generator

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The IGEN manufactured by 3DX-RAY is a constant potential portable x-ray generator that comes in either 120 or 150 kV output. The unit has a focal spot size that is .5 mm and will provide higher quality imaging vs a pulsed generator that has much larger focal spot sizes. The system also allows you to adjust the kV, Ma, and scan time and provides more capabilities vs single energy pulsed systems. The IGEN also has extensively longer life vs pulsed x-rays and can provide over 10 million scans (vs 10 thousand for pulsed). The IGEN will also not overheat like pulsed systems and requires no wait time between scans. The unit has a built-in wireless system and requires no add-on module for wireless. The system also can provide high and low-energy scans for materials discrimination imaging and does not require an additional filter. The unit also allows you to do low-energy scans that can prevent anti-x-ray triggers from activating. 

The unit comes in its own case and comes with all of the following items:

I-Gen 120kV Assembly:
·         120kV X-ray Generator (optional 150 kV also available)
·         Handle (501470)
·         2 x Battery (501468)
·         Battery Charger (501469)
·         User Manuals (latest versions)



  1. 1 mA adjustable kV: 30-150 kV
  2. kV: 30-120 or 30-150
  3. Beam 40 degrees
  4. 255 images per battery
  5. Penetration up to 34 mm steel
  6. Wire resolution 100% score ASTM F792-17-RT (36 AWG wire step 5)
  7. 20-30% increase in lp/mm score vs pulsed generators
  8. Size 245x180x80 mm 
  9. Weight 5.5 kg
  10. Ingress Protection level 54
  11. Drop tested 1 meter
  12. Wireless or wired operation
  13. Wireless range 120 meters 
  14. FDA Accession Number registered
  15. Optional stand


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the IGEN Portable X-Ray Generator.

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