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Equipment Testing
Equipment Testing
Equipment Testing
Equipment Testing
Equipment Testing

Equipment Testing

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SVS Countermeasures provides testing certification on X-ray and Walk Through Metal Detector systems. Our lab at our facility in Western NC has all of the required tools and test objects to provide you with a certified 3rd party testing certification. The tests require that you send your system to our testing facility for the test to be conducted. We can also travel to you, if that is more convenient.  All testing is done based on the standard that is used for that test object or a Military/Industry standard.  Please contact us for more detailed information about each test. We offer all of the below tests/certifications:

1. ASTM-F792-88 Wire penetration step wedge test

2. ASTM-F792-08 Step wedge X-ray test (9 individual tests)

3. NIJ Walk Through Metal Detection Test Objects (Small, Medium, Large, and false alarm items test objects)

4. ASTM-F792-17-RT (Wire step wedge routine test)

5. ASTM-F792-17-HP (X-ray step wedge test human perception)

6. ANSI and NIJ 42.55 Subjective test object for portable x-rays

7. 1 meter Drop testing (limit item's weight at 25 lbs)

8. SVS WTMD Testing Kit (guns, knives, IED's, false alarm, and misc threat objects)

9. Handheld metal detector (HHMD) testing (guns, knives, IED's)

10. X-Ray automatic explosive detection software testing

11. Portable X-ray Materials Discrimination testing (organic, inorganic, and metals)


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