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EOD IED Hand Entry Tool Kit

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The SVS EOD IED Hand Entry Tool Kit provides you a complete package for hand entry render safe operations. The kit comes with the following 37 items:

1 Tactical Drop Leg Tool bag
2 Blue Chem Lights
3 Non Conductive Oil
4 Plastic Razor blades and holder
5 Small Metal Detector
6 Non Conductive Tweezers
7 Ceramic knife  
8 Needle nose pliers set (offset)
9 Small Wire cutter
10 Long Reach Wire cutters
11 Small hack saw with replacement blades
12 8 in Tie Ties (100 pack) 
13 90 second epoxy
14 Duct Tape
15 Eraser pen with refills 
16 Black out tarp 5x5
17 Battery Operated screwdriver
18 Precision hand Drill with drill bits
19 Test leads alligator clips
20 Multi meter set with test leads 
21 Exacto Knife set
22 Vice Grips set 
23 Small Pry bar
24 Small screwdriver set
25 Small inspection mirror
26 Small clamps (6)
27 Precision hole saw set
28 Wire Stripper
29 Metal Snips
30 Metal Forceps
31 Head lamp
32 Small spray bottles (4)
33 WD 40 small can
34 Inspection Camera probe 
35 Tablet 7 in with camera (connects to inspection probe)
36 Mini Cordless dremil with attachments
37 Butane Soldering Torch
The EOD IED Hand Entry Tool Kit is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 21, 2024